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Corporate Profile

Founded in 2001, Cyberbase Digital is a leading IT Solutions and web design and development company that specialized in the planning, design, development and execution of dynamic, aesthetically attractive and powerful websites to several clients. These clients are of various industries, ranging from government entities, telecommunications companies, as well as privately owned businesses. As we have grown to elite levels in this field, Cyberbase Digital has developed its expertise; knowledge and insight towards providing various entities with ultimate IT solutions that automate and empower their productivity to reach millions of end users globally and locally, by expanding our services into professional IT consultancy, effective project management, and other activities. This was matched with the need to provide solutions that offer a long-term and continuous opportunity to clients to develop further the solutions in hand, allowing them to build greater reach in diverse online services through powerful tools and systems.
Our growth has been evident through planning, implementation, and delivery of professional IT solutions, in portal platforms, online B2C systems, and business process automation to various clients, specifically those who seek to serve individuals and corporate entities alike in a professional and productive manner.

Today, our operations have expanded to several clients with different business needs, providing them robust and scalable IT Solutions, including:
  • E-Government Solutions
  • Dynamic and full-fledged corporate portals
  • Ground operations data collection systems
  • Workflow-enhanced publishing systems
  • ERP/CRM systems utilizing market-trend systems
  • Mobile Applications (Android and iOS)
  • Tailored dedicated hosting packages
  • SMS interactive solutions
  • Professional Project Management utilizing global professional standards (PMI)

How Are We Different?

Since operations and processes are continuously changing towards a trend, where automation has become a primary condition for success and a benchmark to be greatly competitive, we at Cyberbase Digital believe that it is of utmost importance that the IT infrastructure should be built upon a platform that should offer a continuously growing corporate strategy to serve the clients’ business needs. For this reason, Cyberbase Digital is keen on providing a strategic, long-term plan that helps the corporate client in continuously planning operational and managerial activities to gain an edge over its competitors. This is also reinforced with our outlook to continuous business development, and applying trends in business operations, producing an award-winning schema and putting it into action.
Cyberbase Digital 2001 - 2017